NSS (National Service Scheme)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) provides an opportunity for students to channelize their talents and skills in the service of society. It teaches the dignity of human labour and the significance of disciplined life works to instill in students the spirit of patriotism and proactive responsibility for the community. The work done by the student volunteers is recognized and certified by the University.

The BFC has been allotted one unit of the NSS by Barkatullah university. The college has been consistently serving the society by:

* Organizing blood donations, cleanliness pro grammes , anti-plastic campaigns.

* Developing basic infrastructure facilities such as drainage, road, and public meeting platform in backward villages.

* Planting and looking after over 500 tree saplings in the College campus and outside.

* Sensitizing people to cleanliness, equality of sexes, significance of education and AIDS and communicable diseases.

* Reaching out through rural camps and awareness programs.

ALL registered students of the college are eligible to enroll as NSS volunteers.