Chairman's Desk

My Dear Students, We at Bonnie Foi School have equipped ourselves with excellent infrastructure, innovative methods of teaching, modern teaching facilities and teachers with vision and proficiency in their fields to embark on this knowledge revolution. We believe in being pro-active to stimulate you to achieve maximum success in your chosen field.

Efficient Administration, knowledgeable professors, bright students, never ending opportunities and a healthy environment are the five strong pillars which make the sacred temple of knowledge. Bonnie Foi Institute is a unique and enviable one.

We believe that you are coming here with many dreams, we will help you to bring them into reality. Student's efforts and our vision have worked wonders and many students of our institutions have achieved excellent success in their respective fields of studies in India and abroad.

With Best Wishes Dr. G.K. IYER (D.Litt.)
Founder, Chairman, Author, IT Expert, Advisor, Co-ordinator,Educationist, Editor, Fellow, Director & Sociologist
Bonnie Foi Group of Institutions